Legends Of Crystal Metaverse

Global presentation

We want to make people say "you can have fun for free on the blockchain".

Our idea is to make a metaverse. It will be an MMORPG in 2D with Action Battle System, which means fights in real time directly on the map. We have an existing multiverse We have writing since years, and We started the game development in Agust 2021, it is the game that will represent and support the project at its beginning. Its scenario has everything needed to give credibility to a world that includes metaverse features and we already made really promising work on it.

The whole game will remain entirely playable and fully explorable for free.


  • Communication & promotion
    Hype, continuous communication and sometime giveaways.. help We are really bad at this. You can already see what NFTs you own with the game's UI so we think it's okay to already giveaway nice items to first players. Do not break the early alpha already with cheated items but let's give cool stuff like bank chest you can carry anywhere, or unique skins. No stuffs that break the balance like running too fast or crazy stats buff stuff. Nobody will appreciate nerfing existing NFTs because it returned that their effects were fucked up.
  • Server-side handling
    All along the development, We need to remove the executive power on client side. Fight system could be working right now on client side but We prefer not. We built an architecture that allows me to track and replicate NPCs positions and movement to the clients and We have extending the principle to the fight system. We need to finish this in order to provide a fun alpha version where players can play an actual MMORPG.
  • Open-alpha
    At this point we got an MVP of a traditional game, with tiny NFT features.
  • Community features
    Continue to improve the game with more community features like guilds and auctionhouse. You cannot trade NFTs ingame, it's important because characters could be lost or hijacked, but tokens can't (not so easily We mean btw), this will make the MMO more complete and invite players to join their forces.
  • Play2earn
    Implement an automatic reward system with a coin, let's call it dMoney for the moment, which stands for decentralised money. It will be used to claim rare stuff.
  • Proof of customisation concept
    Create a small single page app to create custom avatars then mint them automatically with the users wallet
  • Parcel housing system
    Start to implement the parcels housing system and bring testers to the program, with nice contributions rewards btw
  • First step to the DAO governance
    Allow influent players or guilds to own full empty maps, give them the location choice and let them customise them off chain at first, then mint them and airdrop them.

Blockchain interactions

Anyone can use dMoney from the game to make different interactions with the blockchain.

This may change the game more or less deeply and the cost will depend of it

  • Mint custom skins
  • Upgrade the weapons and armors that are NFTs
  • Or create new ones with well buffed offchain items
  • Unlock items and spells in game
  • Unlock parcels and lands for guilds or good players
  • Customise owned parcels and maps with existing tiles
  • Making new tiles and new environments
  • Making interactive NPCs to trade on the blockchain
You can win dMoney as reward in the game from quests, as loot from strong enemies, ... We don't want it to be the "in game real money" at all, it's a proof of reward that can be spent to get ownership of the game assets. If you know Basic Attention Token, you know time is valuable.
We must think about an equitable farming system to allow players to earn dMoney with ressources. Keep it simple, you should be able to garbage items for dMoney, amount will depend on rarity We suppose.
It is important to make everything very open and accessible. We mean anyone who owns a token from the game should be able to bring new stuff into the project. For exemple, let's imagine We didn't have the idea to make dragon mounts. In this scenario anyone who owns a (flying mount) token should be able to change its skin to make it looking like a dragon.
Because We aer using a quite simple and predictable engine to make the game, RPG Maker MZ, running in JS with the Pixi library, We believe it's possible to design a quite simple to use process to make it possible to mint NFTs that would execute specific client-side scripts (verified by the server btw).
Minting NFTs should cost dMoney, the more actions the script it will execute, the more it will cost. Logic you say. It's a matter of keeping control to prevent players to ruin the game like any sandbox, let's be smart and prevent this to happen, you need to achieve things and spend time in game, have interaction with true people to earn dMoney. As We have already said it's reward for contributing to the community.

We don't want the dMoney to replace in game trading. You cannot trade your NFTs nor your dMoney in game. Your dMoney is only used to get rewards and ownership on the blockchain. Even though you will mint your weapons at the town's forge (it's just an example), the only moment you spend your dMoney is when you interact with the blockchain. In game, you will use your gold or your traditional items to make exchanges from players to players or in the auctionhouses.

It is so cool because this is an actual game with an actual traditional gameplay. Quests, monsters, dungeons, raids… but there's advantages that blockchain can bring. The game client is basically displaying some maps and animated images, and the server tracks players and synchronised entities to replicate them across the clients. The web3 bring life to the project. But what if the server could read worldmaps from the blockchain, and that you could transform it as you wish to make new quests, news lands, new creatures to discover ? All this is no time ? The other games we played were such hard to access, We don't want to spend the amount of a car in ETH to be able to play what is just a 3D chat on the blockchain you know ? Legends Of crystal has a gameplay, it has everything any MMORPG needs to have, and now with the blockchain we can build new experiences through a media that everyone knows how to use, and that media already proved to the world that it can be great art when you bring enough passion to it.

In the end we want to be able to link whole realms made with the same sources bindable to the main one with simple portals or we don't know whatever creative people could invent, just like any guild map. This leaves legends Of crystal's original maps untouched but allow a lot of freedom and creativity.